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Crest Putting Wheel Training Aid

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Crest Putting Wheel Training Aid

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Richard Hicks
Love this

Great Product

Given for FREE

I was given the Ball as a gift and it has changed my game in a few days! I sank a 25ft put for the first time and believe it was thanks to the ball. Thanks again for the gift

Granville Kovacek

Very good product, I recommend it widely

Neal Spencer

Great product, fast delivery

Lucious Harvey

That's good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using a wheel-shaped golf ball like the Crest Putting Ball offers several benefits for improving your putting accuracy.

First, its unique design helps golfers develop a consistent and precise putting stroke by emphasizing the importance of striking the ball in the center.

Second, the rolling motion of the wheel-shaped ball provides immediate feedback on any wobbling or off-center hits, allowing golfers to make quick adjustments to their technique.

Lastly, practicing with a Crest Putting Ball enhances a player's ability to read the greens, as it responds more sensitively to slopes and breaks, sharpening their green-reading skills for better overall putting performance

Practicing with a Crest Putting Ball offers distinct advantages over using a regular golf ball for improving your putting skills.

The unique design of the Crest Putting Ball, resembling a wheel, helps golfers develop a more consistent and precise putting stroke by highlighting the importance of striking the ball in the center.

This improved accuracy and consistency easily translate to using a real golf ball on the course, as the skills honed with the Crest Putting Ball will carry over to your regular putting game, leading to better results and lower scores.

Yes, the Crest Putting Ball rolls like a normal golf ball, and practicing with it helps you develop more accurate putting skills that directly translate to using a regular golf ball on the course.

The Crest Putting Ball is shaped like a wheel to emphasize putting accuracy. Its unique design makes it more sensitive to off-center strikes, encouraging golfers to develop a consistent and precise putting stroke.

This shape also enhances green-reading skills, as the ball's rolling motion responds more sensitively to slopes and breaks, helping golfers improve their ability to read greens accurately.

Yes, some professional golfers use the Crest Putting Ball, and we are actively expanding our network within the golf industry to promote its benefits and adoption among elite players.

Yes, you can use your driver to hit the Crest Putting Ball, but its unique aerodynamics may make it more challenging to hit accurately and at greater distances. It's important to note that we do not replace any balls if they are lost, so it's a fun option to experiment with but could be a more challenging way to play. Feel free to try it for a unique and entertaining golfing experience.

You can play a round with the Crest Putting Ball for practice or casual play, but it is not legal for official PGA-sanctioned tournaments or rounds.

It's designed as a training aid to help golfers work on their putting accuracy due to its wheel-shaped design, but it does not conform to PGA standards for competitive play.

A highly effective drill to use with the Crest Putting Ball is the gate drill, popularized by Tiger Woods. In this drill, you place tees in the ground on each side of the putter, about 5-6 feet away from the hole, creating a narrow "gate." The goal is to putt the ball through the gate without hitting the tees, promoting a straighter putting stroke. This drill becomes even more challenging and beneficial when combined with the Crest Putting Wheel, helping you develop a more precise and accurate putting technique.

No, using the Crest Putting Ball will not ruin your putting stroke when you switch back to a normal golf ball. In fact, it can enhance your stroke by helping you visualize and practice straight putts, ultimately improving your accuracy with the wheel-shaped design, which can positively impact your putting performance with regular golf balls.

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